Monday, November 22, 2010

jacket button win!

My winter jacket was in the closet. When I pulled it out, I was almost late for work. I was in a hurry. I put it on and went to button it up...
But it was missing both its buttons!


So I did what any irrational human being in a rush would do; I checked the pockets.And yeah, there was a button there. But only one. And I didn't have time to sew it. 

So I safety pinned it on. And then I took the decorative pin that was on the collar, and used that as a second button. Three days later, they're both still working out well, and I think it looks kind of cool. 

(don't mind the cat hair)

Check out the winter boots. They're "Alberta rocker chick"
according to my boss. I just thought they were pretty. 

(boots by rocketdog)

My jacket is like a metaphor for the entire unpreparedness of  this city for the sudden winter. I mean, look at this mushroom! The flowers! The leaves!
The bicycle that maybe should have gone into the shed!

What a funny place I live. 


  1. Nice work on the jacket. :) Crafty!

  2. The pic with the rose and snow is very pretty!

  3. It was funny...I was crouching down all weird to take the picture and I looked up and noticed the guy who lives in the house staring at me from like three feet away. He had been doing some yard work and some creep (me) was taking pictures...


Digame entonces.

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