Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Saturday Seventeen...

It's Saturday! Which, on my work week is actually a Wednesday, so it's not really that exciting. But what the heck, you guys get the day off, right? Except you parents, who are all like "A day off? What's that? LOL"

Ryan and the kids left this morning at 5:00 to drive up island and work at a Christmas craft fair at the kids' school so I'm having a super long, quiet, nice relaxing morning. And to celebrate, here are seventeen things I've found on the internet that are awesome. Or at least interesting.

1. A time lapse video of a dandelion changing from flower to seeds.
2. The Red Velvet store that Elsie just opened. It's so pretty!

3. Inflatable Street Art. (video)

4. Pencil socks. Consider these added to my Christmas list!

5. "Vintage Twitter" post-it packaging.Very clever!

6. "12 Amazing, Odd and Unusual Fruits"...I learned a thing or two from this article. Do you know where cashews come from?

7. Photos of, and an article about, those Hyena men in Nigeria...they're not drug dealers after all!

8. If you haven't seen the National Geographic's Photography Contest entries for this year, LOOK NOW! Each picture is more unbelievable than the next.Wait, that was a weird sentence. I mean every picture is fantastic.

9. Know your satanic ritual symbols! (video)

10. Dramatic Eagle is even funnier than Dramatic Chipmunk.

11. Halloween in New Orleans.

12. I think this is some clever graffiti.

13. Slayer plays the Jon Stewart show in the '90s. SO GOOD! (video)

14. A completely different kind of music. This guy made his own instrument from PVC pipes and plays at a talent show of some kind, where everybody looks very unimpressed. But he's amazing! (video)

15. In case you live under a rock and haven't seen this before: How To Be Alone. (video)

16. The craziest dance move I've ever seen. And the most painful?

17. An amazing blog written by a travel journalist. Inspires wanderlust every time I read it.


  1. I can't believe youtube's cyst-popping videos haven't made this list.

  2. Hmm...maybe next week.
    p.s. ew

  3. I abso adore that "how to be alone" video!


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