Thursday, November 25, 2010

I got mail! And it's hilarious/offensive! And confusing. Help!

 My friend Sam was in China. Now, when I say "my friend Sam" I mean "that guy who was stuck in the same hostel dorm room with me in Mexico City for a few days when I was super sick". We both have blogs, and we are facebook and Twitter friends, so we've managed to keep in touch for almost three years now. Anyway so he's this total world-travellery type guy, and was in China recently.

I saw on the Twitter that he was willing to send people presents from China and I was all like "hell yes, send me something crazy". And he did!

My present came yesterday...


There is a post card as well. I especially like the part about 
"the late and great mass murder(er)" haha.

 What is it?

No, really what is it? 

He won't tell me and I'm assuming it has something to do with drugs because it's a tiny spoon and that's what I think of when I see tiny spoons I guess. But maybe it's not. Do any of you know what the heck this thingy is?

Anyway, thanks Sam! I hate love it.


  1. I'm gonna go with ear picker too... even though it's an unusually sterile looking one compared to the ones i see in this Asia.

  2. It's so that you can go up to people who have ice cream and ask them for a tiny bite.

  3. This is hilarious...I love a little bit of randomness like presents from China!

  4. Oh my ... ear pickers are a real thing? Nice. I'll try it tonight.

    Or the ice cream thing. Ehh...but not both. Hmm. Choices, choices.

    Yay randomness!

  5. I have no idea and I'm sort of scared for you.

  6. Well, I's just a spoon, it's not that scary.

  7. oooh. yes. ear cleaner thing. i met malaysians and they don't use ear buds. they use this spoon thing.

  8. Nice! I'm the first person I know to have an ear cleaner spoon! Yay!

  9. oh, p.s. if you want to find the world traveler himself, here's Sam's blog:

  10. Just a spoon full of earwax helps the.... medicine...

    Or come back up.

  11. i remember some national geographic article about asians using those instead of q-tips. apparently (based on some kind of analysis....)easterners and westerners have different earwax (EWWW, right?) so q-tips clean western ears (waxier earwax) better....

    but anyways. don't ask me!

  12. Yeah it's totally an ear scoopy thing. Ewww.

    I just read your post over at Yes & Yes. Thanks for sharing. It's such a cool, "mysterious" industry. It was great to learn more.

    Also, I'm hosting a give away. Check it out.


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