Thursday, November 25, 2010

Silly Christmas crafts...I was bored, okay?

Living outside of town sucks, man. Here I am, doing nothing...bored...again. I'm supposed to be at work by now but road/weather conditions are making it impossible. Snow day? More like blow day. Yesterday I made the house look like Christmas while Ryan was out driving in terrible weather for eight hours to pick up his kids. 

First I went bananas on some scrap pieces of felt I found in the toy room and some string, scissors and white glue I had for some reason in my office. 

Then I set up the tree and wrapped a couple presents to put underneath. Man we have some weird decorations. Every year Ryan lets the kids pick out one new ornament for the tree each...

 But I have a weird one too...this is a photograph of my late grandma a plastic ball with some sparkles and ribbon. Everyone in the family got one of these on our first Christmas without her. It's really ugly and weird, but it actually means a lot to me. So out it comes, every year.
Here's the tree, along with a "ghost", moments before that cup of water on the table was knocked all over Ryan's back. It sounds like a funny story, but after two hours of sleep, driving 8 hours, an hour nap and getting ready to go back to work the graveyard shift he had very little sense of humor left. 

-----------crafts are fun-----------


Digame entonces.

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