Monday, December 13, 2010

The Countdown ... THREE DAYS

I'm so excited up in is my last day at work, then I pack tomorrow (anyone have some EXTREME LIGHT PACKING advice? I need to pack for super hot and then mega cold weather in one backpack.) and then Wednesday I take off on a big adventure!

I've begun scheduling posts for the days I am away because I'm not sure how much internet access there will be where I am going, especially the first week and I don't want you all to get bored of me and forget I exist.

But seriously, if anybody can offer any advice on the following subjects, I'd be grateful.

1. What would you pack if you were going somewhere hot and then somewhere cold?
2. Have you ever hired a car/driver in Cuba? What's the best way to do so?
3. Film cameras vs expensive digital...what should I bring with me? All of them? (haha)
4. Traveling in Cuba (or any country really) as a woman and/or a heavily tattooed person. Advice?
5. How to deal with missing your boyfriend too much while you're away. (haha I know, I know, total cheese-fest)
6. What's a nice cigar to bring back as a gift? I don't want to get suckered into buying some crappy thing, because I have no idea! Help!
7. What to do on a super long flight/traveling to deal with airports, stress and TEN HOURS.
8. Traveling with a large group of people you hardly know to a tourist destination... I've never done this before as an adult. Should I bust out my fanny pack, socks with sandals, and khaki shorts?

I would love to hear your stories and advice on these topics!


  1. after walking 900-ish km across spain where it went from hailing and storming in the mountains to heatstroke hot in the meseta & having to carry everything on your back for a MONTH, heres what i have to say about packing light for a bipolar climate;
    nerdy pants that become shorts - anything thats a two in one is your friend. so like, those zip off at the knee style pants are great, plus they dry fast if they get wash/uh, if you wash them, and they roll up really small in a backpack. i also bring long-johns with me anywhere i go, anytime of year. just lightweight ones. and merino wool socks because they dry quick so you can scrub them out at night and let them dry while yer sleeping and then theyre good for the next day. also, those little travel towels, bc hotel/borrowed towels scare the CRAP out of me.
    i also never take anything with me that im not prepared to potentially have stolen. cameras included. be careful!
    for #8) GAH! hopefully its not too bad? this one time while on a trip to vegas with a bunch of galfriends, one of my friends booked a touristy tour to the grand canyon - which sounds pretty sweet.. but when we got there it turned out she booked it with a seniors coach-line. AWKWARD!

    as for the super long stressful traveling and missing the boyfriend, i recommend alcohol or (not and!) ativan :)

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eat & drink all kinds of foreign awesomeness and i hope you get to rent/drive in one of those old school cars that i hear populate the place.

  2. Thanks Gilly! I think you're the best traveler I've ever met, so I really appreciate your advice.

  3. Good point about not bringing anything I don't want to get stolen.Hmmm

  4. I've got nothing useful for ya...except that I'd like to see pics of you wearing said fanny pack please.

  5. Hahaha well I don't have one. But I'll see what I can find.

  6. 1. Shorts and jeans
    2. worry about then when you get there. Last resort - take a tour bus
    3. one camera is good.
    4. don't know
    5. that sucks. presents for him will be arriving soon
    6. Don't buy cigars on the beach or at the market.
    7. It' not that long. Read, sleep, visit, have a few cocktails, relax. It will go by fast.
    8. It's not a group 'activity'. Be yourself. "The Brother" will be the fanny pack, socks person in the group.

    see ya soon :-) T

  7. I'm excited! I decided I'm bringing one film camera that takes pretty nice pictures and my "I don't care if it's stolen" digital one.


Digame entonces.

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