Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dogs With Human Arms. And more!

 If nothing else, you have to watch this video. I laughed out loud at around 0:31. Oh, I just watched it again. It's funny the second time around too!

If dogs with  human  arms aren't your thing, first of all what is wrong with you, don't you have a soul? And why are you reading this blog? And secondly, here are some other things from around ye olde tyme internet:

1. This looks so delicious. Apple. P.B. and Chocolate chips!

2. I love love love this photo!

3. The art of making paper snowflakes.

4. I want this ring more than I've ever wanted a ring before. And like, everything else from this site. 

5. Pretty and colorful animal bones in jars.

6. Gifts that give back by Artichoke Designs.

7. Trent Reznor before Nine Inch Nails.


9. An invisible empire of sidewalks and gutterspace.

10. Walrus that is terrible at innuendo. Oh. Yes. I LOL'ed for real!

11. Old fireman helmets that look like certain space-themed characters.

12. The italics button is going wacko for some reason. Deal with it. Here's a really super cute video that you've probably already seen by Kirsten Lepore:

Bottle from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.

13. A note (business plan?) written by a pimp.

14. Ozzy on Justin Bieber, ahaha!

15. Really pretty "cat diaries" video from Friskies.

16. Oh no, the italics are back. For you  nerds out there, How Would NASA Rescue An Astronaut Who Floated Away From The International Space Station?

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  1. Dogs with human arms! That's my spesh-ee-al-ity. I have a photo of my dog with human arms on my Facebook page.

    I think you should do it with your new dog. You know you want to.


Digame entonces.

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