Monday, December 20, 2010

A Very Etsy Christmas

Since, as you all know very well by now, I am on vacation for a couple weeks, I was trying to think of things to post about that had a Christmas feel. And as we all love hand made arts and crafts ever so much, I was like "Hey, what about Etsy?"

Well yeah. There are some fantastic things on there. Like this hat for example. I would wear the shit out of this hat from the 24th to the 26th. No joke. I love this!

Candy cane hat found here.

And this card is really super cool: funny with a touch of nerd is the best kind of comedy.

And there was a lot of stuff I would buy ironically because they're funny if I were feeling impulsive:

Cat statue from here, awesome dog-snowman pin from here.

But then...there are...well, you'll see.

1. The animal clothes. MY EYES! NOOO!

1 "Candy Cane Dreams" dress   2  You can get 30% off this one. 
featured in the Martha Stewart 2010 Holiday Gift Guide.  
 Holiday BUTT COVERS for your pets! No more unsightly anuses.

2.The tree decorations. Oh the humanity!

3. Basically you can put a Santa hat on anything these days
and get away with it.

4. Weird soap. Have you ever wanted soap with diseases in it?

How about (Communist?) barbed wire soap?

"real Christmas soap for real Christmas extreme" found here

5. One of the most perplexing trends of all is the zombie and/or evil Christmas ornament. Really? Like the Santa brain tree ornament wasn't weird enough, there's also a ZOMBIE Santa brain tree ornament. And so much more.

6. And finally... uuhhh...these.

1. Christmas Nymph? Decoration? I guess?
2. "spider jerusalem inspired costume sunglasses" (even the name is in the wtf category)

Happy shopping...or maybe not?


  1. i'm strangely gravitating toward the weird soap...
    i can't take my eyes off it....



    And now you know where to buy the soap. You're welcome! :)


Digame entonces.

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