Wednesday, December 15, 2010

links - o - rama

Well everybody, I'm off like a prom dress. 

I'll be jet setting from different parts of Canada to Cuba to other parts of Canada and back in the next few weeks, doing fun Christmas things, and fun gettin' wasted on the beach things and I don't know when I'll be near an internet connection, so I've scheduled stuff to post while I'm away. 

Knowing me and my terrible internet addiction, I won't be away too much and will still be able to approve and reply to your comments and post updates on all the fun, but if not, then 


And here are some links to stuff. 

Individual Pacman ghost algorithms. Now you can beat the game.

Cracked's 7 modern dictators who are way crazier than you thought possible.

I wish every traffic light would do this. (video)

IRL tetris...NOOO! Damn 'L' shape!

Einstein on logic and imagination.

My friend Sam's trip to China. The video is long but funny. "Whoa, that's not good, spinning 'round when you've got altitude sickness!" And they also literally go to Shangri-La. It's an actual place! Also? YAK JERKY!

BLIND CAT RESCUE blog. AWW kitties!!!

A brief history of the Koreas...written awesomely. I especially like the stuff about Kim Jong Il. What a psy-... well yeah. You'll see.

I would love this cross stitch. It's perfect!


  1. you're coming to CANADA?

  2. oh. maybe i knew that.
    i can never remember all of the people who live in canada.


Digame entonces.

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