Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Urban Outfitters Ruined My Christmas

Just a quick note to let everybody know that I HATE Urban Outfitters
and they ruined my Christmas.

Here's what happened:

I ordered something for Ryan through their website. The item was listed as in stock. I also ordered two smaller items for his kids at the same time. Minutes after I clicked the "place order" button, I received an email saying that my order of three items had been placed, and would be sent out within two weeks, which was perfect timing for the package to arrive just before I went away on holidays. I was set.

Well...the package arrived yesterday. With the kids' stuff in it. But not Ryan's present.

I looked at the bill. It named all three items, but beside Ryan's gift it didn't have a quantity listed, whereas beside each of the kids' presents there was a 1.

I checked the website, and the item was still listed as "in stock". So I called their help line. The lady was very matter-of-fact and told me that they were out-of-stock, would never be getting more of the stock, and I shouldn't be angry because they never charged me for anything to do with Ryan's present. (I checked my credit card statement, and that was true.) My order had been canceled.

I asked when my order had been canceled, and she said it would probably have been immediately after I placed the order.

Yeah, okay, fair enough...except I received no notification at all that said anything had been canceled, or that I ordered something that was out of stock. So um, merry Christmas Ryan, you get NOTHING. And I literally found out the day before I take off for two weeks. It's like finding out on Christmas Eve that your present for a loved one isn't coming. I feel awful.

I put a lot of thought into this gift, and was feeling good about my planning and how I had everything ready for me to go away; bills all paid, all hotels and rides booked, Christmas presents bought...etc.

This totally threw me for a loop...I cried. Ryan went onto their facebook site to tell their "fans" about this b.s. and first of all he had to become a fan to write anything which he obviously didn't want to do, and secondly, the post he wrote went somewhere not on their the "other things" section or something.

So here I go, leaving town, leaving Ryan here to have Christmas without me...and he doesn't get any present from me.  

Fuck you very much Urban Outfitters.  

You suck.


  1. totally totally lame! BUT, on the upside, you're about to embark on an adventure to somewhere totally foreign where i bet you can find something WAY WAY better than Urban Outfitters could possibly offer (or offer but not offer..) (wtf i dont even know what urban outfitters is, but i imagine its something like gap?)

    safe & awesome travels Nova!!!!!

  2. Terrible! Last year I ordered a gift for someone from Chapters (Who I normally love even though their store is huge and they overcharge for some books) but they too were out of stock of said item. Of course, they didn't tell me and weeks went on and on with no present for him. He finally got it the second week of January.

    I sent them a pissed off email about the lack of correspondence on their part. No reply.

  3. What!?!? That sucks :/ I can't believe they didn't tell you something you ordered was out of stock. That's ridiculous. I'd write them a very "matter of fact" letter. Well, at least Ryan knows you tried to get him something... :(

  4. I found a pair of boots that I had been looking for every where in my size... Found them on UO, ordered them and received an email 4 days later saying the order had been canceled because it was out of stock. So, thanks for getting my hopes of UO. Thanks for keeping your site updated too.


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