Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to...make Mr.Noodles delicious

Well folks, if you're reading this on the 16th, then I'm on my way to somewhere warm and communist. I'm probably stuck in a line-up at customs or trying to read a book with an excited tummy in an uncomfortable chair at this very  moment! Since I'm away, I've scheduled this (and many more) posts to appear. 
Later alligator!

Are you poor? Totally broke? 
Can only afford a three dollar meal? 
Do you like the flavor of chip dip? 
Ever wonder what it'd be like on noodles?

Well, thanks to a friend of mine, I have learned the solution to all these questions.

MISTER NOODLES. With sour cream in it.

No, really.
Here's how to make an unhealthy, fattening and completely delicious meal. (snack?)

Step one:Go to the grocery store. 

Step two: buy a package of Mr.Noodles 
for like a dollar. 
I like the vegetable flavor. 

Step three: take the flavor packet out of the package.

Step four: steal a little of your roommate's/significant other's 
sour cream from the fridge. 

Step five: combine them.

Step six: tell your dog he can't have any
even though he's so cute.

Step seven: throw the noodles in some boiling water.

Step eight. wait like three minutes until 
they're all noodley and not in a square anymore. 

Step nine: Drain the noodles, 
throw 'em in the bowl with the sour cream/flavor mixture. 

Step ten: ENJOY!

Like I said, it kind of tastes like chip dip with noodles, but you know what? If you're literally broke and have been eating ramen for days anyway, this is a nice way to change it up.


  1. i hate that i didn't read this 3 years ago when i was living in a dorm and eating easy mac and ramen 2 out of 3 meals a day, including breakfast.

    i also hate that i am now gluten free, because trying this would mean that in about 48 hours, i'll be waking up in the morning with ramen noodle stomach cramps.

    a girl can dream though!


Digame entonces.

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