Tuesday, January 25, 2011

finally...my blogroll is ready

Thank you to everybody who had their own buttons already made. *whew*


  1. How do you do that separate page-y thingy? I want that!

    Also, all the buttons are so cute and then BLAAAAAAGH! My oogly header. One day I'll make a button, too.

    Thanks for adding me, lady!

  2. In blogger, when you're writing a new post, look where it says "edit posts" and there should be another tab that says something about "pages". Just uh...make one. Type some stuff in it and it should show up under your header.

    If you don't care, I can make you a new button with one of your pretty pretty photos!

  3. This is so great, I am going to try this. I have already gotten so many great ideas from your blog. Can't wait to check out your favorite blogs!

  4. Why, oh why, didn't I name my blog AND What Were You Thinking?

    Then I could be right up at the top!! I was scared I didn't make it for awhile, but I kept scrolling through (cool buttons!) and WHEW, there I was.

    This must have taken so long, but it looks great, Nova.

  5. Your blog just gets prettier and prettier. I love the blogroll alphabetization cards.

  6. I am HONOURED. Seriously. You have a pretty kick ass blog and to be part of your blog roll makes me all warm and fuzzy and stuff. :D

  7. Brenda, thanks. You should check them out. They're better than me.

    Vic, haha I know, I purposely put the numbers at the end because THAT'S THEIR GAME! They always go to the front. Same with people who have punctuation or brackets in their names.

    Steamy - Thanks for noticing, I've been working hard on it! :) (Hard on. Get it?)

  8. I just want to point out that I get it.

    Also, I want you to make me a pretty blog button. If you do, I will send you some ugly hand-made sculpey buttons.

    Not because I hate my button, but because we're talking about buttons and I've recently made lots of them.

  9. Awh! You're so lovely! Thank you ^_^

  10. Chelle, I will! Promise.

    Vanessa, yay!


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