Saturday, January 8, 2011

Q: (read aloud) What do you call a fish with no eyes?

A: Fsh!

 Image from here.

A long long time ago, Ryan got me a fisheye camera for my birthday. I finally got some of the film developed. Most of the pictures I took were kind of disappointing, but I learned a couple things about using the thing:

1. Get super duper close-up to the subject and use flash *or* be somewhere extremely well-lit. I mean like on the beach in the summer time at noon well-lit. If you don't do this, the pictures will be way too dark. Even if it's daylight, use the flash.

2. Hold the camera really still. I mean like, tripod still.

3. Keep your fingers out of the way, haha.

Anyway, three of the pictures I took turned out cool. And here they are. 
Click to enlarge.
(I just took pictures of the photographs with my digital camera, hence the weird glare on some of them)

I especially like the second one. It was on a walk after having a picnic with Ryan on my birthday in October. You can see part of him on the very right side. And on the other side, my coffee. That was a really good day.
The duck picture is also from that day. They're swimming in green scum. And the top picture is Yeti the celebrity who was smelling the camera. I love how far away her feet look!

I'm going to load some more film in that thing again soon, keeping my three rules in mind. Wish me luck!


  1. I've never seen a camera like that before, very cool, I like the type of photos it takes.


Digame entonces.

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