Thursday, January 6, 2011

self portrait outtakes that turned out kinda cool

At work I always laugh when one of the tattooers hands a client a hand-mirror and directs them to the wall-mounted mirror, so they can look at something on the back of their neck. I'd say nine times out of ten people can not for the life of them figure out how to look at the back of their head with two mirrors. They hold the small mirror in front of them and turn awkwardly to look at the big one, they stand facing the big one and try to hold the small mirror behind their head...eventually one of us will walk over, take the damn mirror out of their hand and show them how it's done.

I guess it's a learned skill.

Anyway yesterday Ryan helped me shave off a little dead weight from my head and I tried to take a picture of myself...and pulled all the same rookie mistakes. To be fair I didn't have a hand mirror, just the medicine cabinet mirrors, but still...look what I did.

Yeah yeah, I'm in my bra and there's hair all over me. I know. Hot, right? 
I did eventually end up figuring it out. 

Note the pseudo-Archie-Andrews-esque crosshatch at the back? That's because when I was using scissors before the actual shaving I cut a little patch of hair WAY too close to the scalp and we had to do something. This is why you should never cut your own hair guys. Remember that. But anyway I feel a lot better about my hair today than I did yesterday and that's all that matters, right?




  1. Photos do look pretty cool.

    Mostly because you're in your bra. Just sayin'.

  2. Rather cute and earnest :) I like these.

  3. we were just talking about that same thing in my tattoo shop! The girls alway smanage to know what to do where the guys stand hopelessly embarrassed while trying to figure it out. How funny!

    I'm sabrina by the way, just stambled across your cute little blog, love it!

  4. it is all that matters!
    it amazes me how having a hair cut can make a significant difference to my general well-being! though I have given up shaving my own hair after I used the shaver with no size gauge on and pretty much looked like i'd scalped myself.eek.

    your hair looks good with the pattern in even if it was a mistake!

  5. Hi. New reader here.

    So funny you should mention the mirror thing. I work at a tattoo shop on the weekends, and we see the same thing at least a couple of times a day: no one can ever figure out how to use the mirrors! We've found it's easier just to take a picture and show it to them on the digital camera. LOL


Digame entonces.

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