Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things I Love Thursday which I talk about cool stuff

These photos by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre, I found them in an article entitled "Detroit in Ruins" by Sean O'Hagen. They're so good I want to vomit. In a complimentary way, of course.

See more here.

This Map of American English Dialects by Rick Aschmann.Cool!

You've probably seen this before, but Wants For Sale is the coolest idea I've ever seen for fund raising. Basically, in 2007 in order to raise money for things they wanted, artists Christine and Justin started painting ... the stuff they wanted and selling the paintings for the price of the stuff. Big or small, they seemed to do alright!

For example, they sold "Drinks On Us" and bought all their friends a round of booze,

and they sold "A New Bikini" buy a new bikini.

They became pretty internet popular, and decided to use their powers for good, and created  
Needs for Sale, the Wants for Sale sister site, where the money from the paintings goes to people in need. Great idea! You should go check it out; the site is pretty and the paintings are really neat.

Party Hats For Pets.

Animals in human clothes are always number one in my book.

The original Space Jam movie website! Geocities style. It's really high tech...for 1996.

A kitty who meows while it eats...

"pop culture inspired street art" ... always fun

Crumpled City Maps

Speaking as someone who can not fold a damn map if her life depended on it, these things are fantastic.

It's not something I'm good at or even really practice because I hate routine and schedules almost as much as I love them, but wow, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to read about plans, lists and schedules. Haha.

The moment when water balloons pop, caught on camera. 


  1. Reading your blog is like opening a present, always fun and exciting things to discover! Especially on Thursdays!

  2. The popped water baloons are so rad. Took me a while to figure out what I was looking at.

  3. That dialect map is amazing...although hard to figure out. Still, very cool.

  4. My friend, Paul, was an animator on the movie Space Jam.

    Basically, I'm incredibly famous, is what I'm saying.

  5. Brenda! That made my day. Thank you!

    DK I know, I immediately thought "brain" and then realized what it was.

    Erin D Yeah, it needs to be WAY more user friendly...obviously the guy is more linguist than web designer. Still, really cool though.

    Chelle DID HE MAKE THE WEBSITE? HA! I already knew you were famous all over the internet. Now you have powerful animation friends? Gosh I am humbled.
    P.S. don't tell him I made fun of that movie on my blog.
    P.P.S. that movie is terrible.


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