Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tools of the Trade

We have a thingy at work to make the stencils...don't ask me how it works exactly. Some kind of paper and some kind of magic inside the thing. Who knows? Anyway I love the way it's heavy as hell, it's 'vintage' looking,

and, best of all is its name...

Seriously, where did we pick this up? The set of Mad Men? I'm gonna slap its ass and ask it to pour me a scotch on the rocks later on today.

Tangentially, isn't it funny how the word 'secretary' has fallen into disrepute lately?


  1. Love this.

    I'm not sure why "secretary" is supposed to be such a demeaning job title; I'd rather that than "personal assistant" which just screams that you exist to do nothing more than make cups of tea and buy Valentine's gifts for your boss's other half.

  2. Sadly, i know exactly how this works. Because ours just broke. And these dinosaurs cost a fortune.

  3. Amongthechimnyournameisreallylong - Yeah...I asked if I could change my job title from 'receptionist' to 'shop manager' because people weren't taking me seriously. It's so strange!

    Flora...NOOOO! Hey, did you know they make super gigantic ones for back-piece sized stencils? And you can only run them like twice a day or they overheat. Imagine how much those cost.

  4. Yikes, don't tell my husband, he'll probably want one!

  5. Love it! Both the machine and name are awesome! <3


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