Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

If I had a macbook I'd buy this cover for sure!

Watching stuff in slo mo. Here's a match lighting on fire.

Lemon Water. Mm! Maybe I'm an old lady but I love hot water with just a little lemon thrown in there. 

 These photos of Gary Indiana by David Tribby. 

I love city names that make me smile!

 Found here.

 Photos of NYC and Las Vegas from above.

 Playful ladybugs on a little cute playground made of paper. Aww!

by Elliot Quince. 

That's right. Guess...POO. Ha!
I'd play it.

Click here for more pictures. It's hilarious.

Animal noises in other languages. 

And click here for a pretty extensive chart of animal noises, 
how to call animals in other languages, and the  pet names of animals in other languages.

And click here for mp3s of children saying animal noises in different languages.

It's hours of entertainment.


  1. From snowbound NJ, thank you for making my day more fun!

  2. From probably rainy* Victoria, you're welcome.

    *I haven't looked outside yet.

  3. I LOVE woof noises in other languages!

    And those little exclamation marks on the sign are hilarious. Poor signmakers.

  4. I think learning animal noises is my very favorite thing to do in foreign language classes!!

  5. I want the doggy languages poster! Or maybe a kitty equivalent. Either.

    Also, I'm going to go back and reread this now as I was distracted by Gummi Bears.

  6. I am taking Japanese lessons and one of the words I learned the monkey sound in Japanese. - uki

  7. I love lemon water. I put lemon in everything and my oldest daughter is always joking that I either taste like lemons or pickled skin.

    Which now that I write that out, seems kind of strange. Which I like!

    And I like you!

  8. lemon and hot water is one of the best drinks ever! and the animal noises, too cool!

  9. veg-Me too. I would wallpaper my house in that kind of stuff.

    mim- UKI! Cute.

  10. erin- Get this: I found a store that sells pickled lemons. I WILL TRY THEM someday.

  11. Oh my god, Guess Who was my favorite game when I was little!! <3 <3

    Aaaand I think I might just have to buy that laptop cover. It's so rad!


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