Wednesday, January 26, 2011

people I've been tattooed by

I updated the "people you should get tattooed by" page, 
and changed it to a "people I've been tattooed by" page instead.

Click the picture to check it out. 

I added a few photos of tattoos I've gotten from them
and a few interesting things about the tattooers, 
as well as links to their portfolios or websites.

You'll notice I said my boss is a "cool dude". 
I have no idea what drugs I was on when I typed that but
I think I'm going to leave it there because it's so
stupid it's kind of funny.

I left the comments section open on that post,
so if you have any recommendations, questions or comments
about these guys or other tattooers I should know about
let me know there or in the comments section here on this post!

I love to hear my readers' opinions.

**note** Nothing like this please, 
if it doesn't have black in it, I don't like it.
Also, I really think a $300 minimum and doing bloodline "tattoos" is a straight-up scam.


  1. If you follow the link you'll see what I mean. She explains it pretty well.


Digame entonces.

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