Saturday, August 1, 2009

People who have tattooed me...

Here is everybody who has tattooed me in alphabetical order by first name:

Bryan J. Turnbull

This guy knows his way around a tattoo machine. he also makes with the jokes. Big time. To the max. AND he does the best twirly mustache sometimes. You should definitely check out his flickr page (click his name), because not only is he a fab tattooer, he also paints beautiful pictures.

 Here's some tattoos this guy has given me and Ryan.

There are tons more between the two of us...Bryan's super fun to get tattooed by!

Chris apprenticed at Tattoo Zoo, and has since moved on to bigger and more convenient things...Vancouver! (Where his lady patiently awaited his return.) Chris works at Sacred Heart (Nelson Street) tattoo now.  He's a little heavy on the fart jokes but don't let that fool you because this fella is ultra-intelligent...and a little scary...

Here's a tattoo he did on Ryan. Get it? It's a running nose.

Before he left, Chris tattooed a little Wug on my arm.
Colin Wiley (aka "SEXY COLIN")
He's quite a draw at ye olde tattoo shoppe, especially for the young ladies. :) Hahaha we love to tease him about that...he's actually very shy. And very taken, so don't get any ideas. Colin's favorite style of tattoo to work with is Japanese, or big pieces with lots of detail in them.

Here's the thigh tattoo he gave me recently...the only guidelines I gave him were the words "Cute cat face and spider legs."

Colin is awesome. I want some more stuff from him soon! Update: we started a chest piece! Outline here. Update's finished!


Actually I haven't been tattooed by him yet, but the wheels are in motion for some kind of traditional lady head thingy. Cody's big on the tradish genre.

**update** One slow day at work I asked Cody to tattoo the word "what?" behind my ear! Awesome.

**update again** we were goofing off at work one day and these happened:

For the story on "osm" and "upside down" click here.

UPDATE AGAIN: Cody tattooed a little sister sister matchy tattoo for me, my boss Gerry did the same tattoo on my little sister! Aww, so cute. 

UPDATE AGAIN: Cody gave me and my friend Tambo matching wolf tattoos!  Mine's the one saying "RAAR" haha. 


Darren Parnell
 (I couldn't find a picture of him.)

This guy tattooed a necker cube on my upper arm. It was my first 'spur of the moment' tattoo, my first optical illusion tattoo and also my first tattoo that only took one session to get. It was exhilarating!

Not only is he my best boss, he's a great tattooer and a pretty cool dude...even though he plays World of Warcraft. Gerry co-owns Tattoo Zoo with his wife Sarah Kramer, the vegan superstar.

Here are some tattoos Gerry has done on me:

I have many many others as well from Mister of the perks of having a tattoo guy for a boss! Also, click here for a cool picture he took of my leg tattoo (that he did) while I was working, here for the most recent one we did, and here for a bad webcam picture of the rooster he gave me on my hip. And to learn how embarrassing it can be to be tattooed in the same place you work. He also tattooed a storm cloud on my leg recently, and my knees!

 Kyle Carter

Kyle and I had this tattoo in the works for months before it happened...he moved into Tattoo Zoo in the spring of 2011 and brought with him a ton of paintings he did. One in particular stood out to me, a panther head with a moth over its eyes. I think it's funny because that's what moths do! They just fly all up in your face...I kept telling him I was going to get it with the words "in your face". One day he had some spare time and drew it up. And then I had some spare time and got it tattooed on the side of my leg just over my knee. 


Jeremy Friesen

Don't be fooled by his grumpy exterior, this fella is full of hilarious stories and is known by my mom as "the one with the beautiful blue eyes". true story!

I got a little traditional swallow with a "mom" banner from Jeremy on my ankle.

 Mikel Johnson

This is a photo I took of Mikel and my friend Sarah. He was about to tattoo her thumbs. This is what goes on after hours at tattoo shops sometimes. Tat parties! :) That same night he tattooed me as well. 

It's all dots! It was the easiest tattoo I've ever gotten. Mikel has a real happy calm vibe to him, and he's a super nice guy, everybody should get tattooed from him once in their lives, haha.

He is the number one German. Ever. Roberto is working out of Switzerland right now but I think he'll be returning to Leipzig sometime this year.

He can grow an afro, likes to talk about outer space and drink gin with cucumber in it, and has the best sense of humor. We want him to come back SO BAD ALL THE TIME! Just move to Canada, Roberto!

Here are the tattoos Roberto has given me while he was in town:

This one says "Bibliophile" or "Book Lover" in Russian. I'm still not a hundred percent sure it doesn't imply that I have sex with books...that's the risk you take with tattoos in other languages, haha!

This one says "Sei Freundlich" or "Be Friendly" in German. Cute!


I ran into this guy, via MySpace (yes, seriously, MySpace, it was a while ago...) and ended up having the time of my life being tattooed by him. He's hilarious and witty. Not to mention the accent. :)

Unfortunately, we had to listen to "the enigma" sing while i was being tattooed. Ouch.

He gave me a really great optical illusion tattoo on my arm, but I can't seem to find any good photos of it at the moment. It's the man and woman clowns holding hands over a table that is also a's a crowd-pleaser!

Hey, I found a picture. On his myspace page!  And stole it!


Lucky for me, Ryan Mason is vegan and a world traveler who left Scapegoat Tattoos in Portland to come visit our shop in Victoria. He's a big-time animal lover, brilliant tattooer and all-around nice guy who seems to like swimming a lot.

Here's the tattoo he gave me. It's one of my all-time favorites!

And here he is tattooing Bryan. (with Cody in the background)

Steve did my first tattoo when I was 21 at his old shop "Symbols of Strength", now known as Immaculate Concept. The shop was just down the street from my house and I was lucky it was the first place I stumbled into, as I knew nothing about tattoos. Steve is the go-to guy around Calgary and runs the annual "Alberta Bound" Calgary Tattoo and Arts Festival. Busy man!

Steve obliged me and did a fairy on my back ... with red tribal wings. Yes, seriously I have a gigantic tribal fairy on my back. And shut up. It'll come back into style soon, you'll see! (Haha!!) (Yikes!) Thanks anyway Steve.


And here's a few people I wish I could get tattooed by. *sigh*  

Ummmm...I know there are more!  If I think of who else, I'll come back and add them later. Also, let me know if you have any recommendations or have any questions about this page. All images on this page were either taken by me or totally stolen from facebook and other websites, just shoot me an e-mail if this makes you angry or sue-ey and i'll take it down or give credit if I forgot!


  1. meow. Is sexy colin happen to be single colin?

    Kidding. Sort of.

    LOVE the Christmas story lamp. My mom jokes about that being the only tattoo she would ever get.

  2. Haha no, he's very taken Colin. :)

  3. um wait. first i totally sent my student from fort mcmurray the link to your post and will tell you if he sees the movie.
    second. people actually pay $3oo for those bloodline tattoos that aren't tattoos at all?????? uh, yeah. that's a scam. scammyscammerscamson. okay i go look at your tattoos now. the end.

  4. okay i'm back after looking at all of the photos. again, you've tugged my linguistic heartstrings with happiness at the fact that you have a wug. well done, nerd. don't get mad i called you a nerd. it's a compliment. everything is super awesome. i especially love the russian doll (that i never remember the real name of) with the little skeleton. lovely! okay i'll stop commenting on your blog, now. i'm on a roll today.

  5. Hmmm, i think i do have a recommendation. I recommend that you come visit my shop, cause i have two of the guys on your wish list right here!

  6. BAH I wish I could!!!!!! EXCLAMATION POINT

    Someday. I'll hold my breath and see what happens.


Digame entonces.

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