Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A walk in the park.

Walking Tank is always a great endeavor. He's a good walker, but boy he attracts a lot of attention. I feel like I can't just take him for a walk in my jammies or with bad hair, even at nine at night, because no matter where we go or what time it is I get roped into these weird conversations about him that usually go like this:

Stranger compliments Tank's looks.
I half-smile and say thanks.
Stranger pets Tank or stands at a safe distance and stares.
I stand there.
Stranger talks to Tank in high voice.
I stand there.
Stranger comments on Tank's size.
I fake laugh and say "yeah".
Stranger goes "Well, see ya later, have a good night, BYE TANK"
Tank wags his entire bum.
I say bye.

I never know what to say in those situations, other than really lame things like "Oh, he's just excited, he won't bite you.", that kind of dog-owner stuff. I hate small-talk conversations and usually straight up ignore them, but I love dog people, and I honestly believe most of the people who come over to see a dog aren't weird or creepy, they just want to see the dog. Especially such a weird looking cutie face. I mean...am I supposed to divulge more information about him at this point? 

"Oh yeah, he's cute but he's quite flatulent and he snores, so...yeah. There's that."

The weirdest thing is that nobody can agree on whether Tank is big or small. Ryan and I have overheard entire arguments about whether or not he's huge or tiny. Even I can't decide. I ask him all the time "Are you a man or a baby?" (But it's mainly because he reacts really funny to it. But I really can't tell sometimes.)

 Anyway, on the day we took these pictures last week, I was having a really rough time (due to some personal stuff) and so we found a quiet secluded path in the forest near our house to just walk the dog and not talk to all those dog people. It was really nice. I love these boys.

These were taken with my grandma's Canon AE-1. Which I love, even though we obviously still can't really figure out the focusing, haha. 

Click the pics to enlarge. That's what he said?


  1. My friend gets the same issues with her Great Dane...she gets strangers coming up and saying "Is yer dawg gonna get any bigger? Har har har..." What do you do in that case?! She'll laugh along, but secretly deep down inside she says the annoyance/hate level is going up slightly...And she loves dog people too.

  2. i grew up with a bulldog, so whenever i see one, my heart just rushes forward and i follow. i like to think that fellow bulldog owners get it, that because i can't have one now i feel compelled to get close to theirs, to give the dog's booty a good scratch (they can't reach it! that sweet spot on their butt right above their little poop tails is like happy kryptonite to them!), to tell them both how beautiful or handsome their dog is. my boyfriend doesn't "get" it yet, but once i sneak a bulldog home, he'll totally understand. once you have one, you're hooked!

    i've tried really, really hard to not be a crazy bulldog lady when you post photos of tank, but honestly? they make my day. i love his face, and if i could give him a good scratch and a treat, i totally would.

  3. we have three dogs. the line i always get is "are you walking them or are they walking you?"um. also, my favorite one was "how come you got all those dogs? how come you ruined yourself with those tattoos?" people are so nosy. the end.

  4. Erin - I remember the first time I saw a great dane I couldn't believe my eyes. I'll admit I was a starer. But I'd never just go up and be all like "DUUUH, BIG DOG IS FUNNY"

    Amanda - you can give Tank treats anytime, haha. He loves getting his butt scratched.

    Abby - How come you have those dogs? How about "None of your business". And don't even get me started on the tattoo thing. The end.

  5. I have a hard time with having the same conversations over and over. (Obviously I get it a lot in my job.) It's hard because I want to be nice, but there's this voice inside of me who's downright offended and shouting "why do you get to insert yourself into my day without having to even make the effort of thinking up something original to bring?!? Unfair for me!" I can't seem to shut her up.

  6. I might do that to her next time we all go to the dog park...pull out the accent and everything. HA!

  7. These are gorgeous pictures. :)

  8. I know exactly what you mean!! I have a rescued Pit Bull so usually people don't even stop to talk about her. And she is tiny. She only stands knee high and is 45lbs which is totally normal for the breed. I don't know why idiots are breeding these dogs to be mammoth. It's hard to own dogs like this with all of the bullshit stereotypes out there but she's worth it. Most of my neighbors have realized by now that she's the best behaved dog on the block, but when I take her new places it's a whole different story. Breaks my heart because she loves EVERYONE. She doesn't understand why people won't pet her and I can see it in her face when she sits and they still walk right by her :(
    Oh well. She's sleeping on my lap right now as I type so she gets all the love she deserves!

  9. God, those pictures are beautiful.

    I know what you mean about the "dog talkers". I used to hate it, back when I had that stupid weenie dog. "Aw, he's so cute!" "No the fuck he isn't! Bet you wouldn't think he was cute if he kept pissing all over your shit and you had to pay for his anxiety pills! Huh? Thought not."

    But nooooow I've got Tank and he's so fricking adorable and huge and cuddly and when they stop me to ask about him, I gush like one of those stupid dog people I used to get irritated by. Sigh. And we've come full circle.

  10. Free flying - hahaha I bet you get the same lame jokes over and over. At my work we always...I mean ALWAYS hear something like "You should get my face tattooed on your face/butt, LOL"

    Erin - Yeah, and use confusing slang.

    ATCP - Thanks!

    Rochelle - That's so sad. I wuv little big tough guy looking doggies.

    OWO - Thanks man! I thought they were kinda crappy, they don't really show how pretty it is back there. I have a real tough time liking weiner dogs too, which sucks. I've just never met one I can stand. I wish our Tanks could meet. It'd be like woah.

  11. Dude! Thank you so much for pimping me on your blog! I am very, very honored. You are one cool girl (and not because of the pimpage). xo, P.

  12. Thanks bud, your post is scheduled for the 5th.

  13. Are you a man or a baby? ARE YOU A MAN OR A BABY? I love that, and I wish I had a boy dog I could use it on. I have a few actual men to whom it could definitely apply, so maybe I'll try that.

    I love your new pics, even the blurriness. I used to be a film camera girl, I need to get back into that.

  14. Those photos are beautiful! What camera do you use?
    Couldn't find your email address but thanks a zillion for your comment on my blog :)

  15. Steamy - it's so funny to say out loud to a dog. And he gets all goofy when I say it.

    Adeline - It's a Canon AE-1 my grandma gave me. I think I'll make a 'contact' page so it's obvious how to get in touch with me.

  16. I have a pitt/mastif mix so people actually walk the other way when they see Murphy coming. He is the biggest sweetest baby of a dog, and yet people are scared at first glance so they never know how much he just wants to kiss their face. I kind of like it because I don't like talking to people I don't know, plus it makes me seem bad-ass!
    Love the pics!


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