Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's in my big orange bag?

Here's the story about this bag, in short:

Once upon a time in Mexico, my friend Sophie and I took a bus from Xalapa to Puebla Cholula to meet up with a Mexican guy she met in Germany a few years previous to this encounter. He said he'd show us around his town. Well, this young man ended up being a total dickface, insulting us, tricking us (vegetarian) girls into eating pig skin and then laughing about it, saying my Spanish sucked, etc. I basically hated him and the day culminated in me sobbing in a back alley somewhere in Puebla with his friend because I didn't want to be at the damn Tiger Disco anymore!!!

Anyway at one point in the day we found a market, and in the market they were selling these bags. I spotted the neon orange one and was all like "Hell yes" because it was fifty pesos. He came over and said "Don't buy that, it's too dirty." (?) So I was all "I'll take it, and I'm never washing it ever. I swear." 

And I have never washed it.

And that was in 2007.'s dirty. And the zipper's broken now. But I love it SO MUCH.

Introducing...MY ORANGE BAG! 
(If you look carefully you can see a pin of a luchador I found in the market as well)

And here's what's inside. I recently cleaned out all the unsightly receipts and loose change.

 1. My iPod touch. A must have for the bus. 
2. Grey sweater. I always carry clothing around because 
of the amount of time I spend walking around. 
3. Photographs I recently got developed. 
4. My ratty old change purse with cupcakes on it. I don't even...
I think I scored that at a dollar store or something.

1. My narwhal notebook, full of an alphabetized list 
of books I want to read. I literally carry it everywhere. 
2.My teeny tiny moleskine day planner.
3. The world's most embarrassing phone, now that 
everyone has iPhones. I swear I'm on my way to upgrading!

1. Wallet, from herbivore.
2. The only kind of pen I enjoy writing with.
3. Pretentious book for the bus.
4. SnapSights camera. It rules so much. 
This is the only camera I brought with me to Cuba!

 1. My pretty keys. 
The anchor is from Ryan and the camera is from my dad. 
2. Bracelet from Cuba.

1.My ultra cool "moo cards". 

They're mini business cards that you can 
personalize with up to 100 different pictures.

On the back they just say my name and my e-mail address
so they're useful in most scenarios.

And that's what's in my bag. TA DAAH!

---And in other news---

Wish me luck guys, I'm off to get my foot tattooed. 
I'm so looking forward for it being done forever.The last time was so bad. SO BAD. My foot skin is like paper, I swear I feel it tearing as I get tattooed. And my feet are super sensitive. 

But on the bright side it's gonna look siiiiiiick.


  1. Good luck with your foot tattoo!!! What are you getting?

  2. I love purses like yours. It has character. And that phone...bwahaha! My ex had one and he was always trying to play music on it and it was crap sounding...but then again it was shitty drum & bass he was playing, so...yeah. Memories. And stuff.

  3. I recently met a chick with a narwhal tattoo and the friend she was with was wearing a narwhal shirt! WTF! I never realized they were popular, but I sort of think that is excellent because then many more people will give a damn about the Arctic... or maybe not.
    I can't wait to see your foot tattoo! I am dreading the day I do mine, SO sensitive!

  4. pandora - It's a bad-effing-ass party wolf.

    Erin - I love it too, and it makes me feel safe when I'm walking at night, like I'm wearing reflectors or something. ALL CARS CAN SEE ME.
    And I KNOW, the phone is awful. But it is sweet for playing tetris on. I'm keeping it when I get a new phone just as a tetris machine.

    Gilly! Was the narwhal tattoo girl you? Because I'm pretty sure you have one. :) I don't know what it is about narwhals, they're so pretty.

    The tattoo wasn't as bad as I thought. I mean, it was pretty terrible but it was quick and I survived. Today it's all swollen. But IT'S AWESOME!


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