Sunday, March 27, 2011

It must be spring, and a lesson for bloggers everywhere.

I realize that the majority of my posts lately have been straight-up pictures and not much more. If you're like me, you read 45 trillion blogs and you wouldn't have even really noticed except for that I just told you. But for those few of you who are probably all like "oh man, that might-as-rella chick is so uninspired and I HATE PHOTOGRAPHY" I just wanted to say that I've been feeling really un-talkative lately, and really focused on real life. Sometimes blogging is a treat, and sometimes it starts to feel like a chore. 

Actually, let's turn this into a lesson for bloggers that I've finally learned after years of practice:

Always keep a week or two worth of posts lined up ahead of time. I try and schedule my 'things I love Thursday' and my 'music Monday' stuff like a month in advance, plus some other things as well, just in case I get a case of the negatives or some big personal event happens in my life. That way the blog still goes on as usual, and is fairly consistent. 

I've been in a negative kind of hating everything space for like a month. Finances are not working out the way I'd like, and that can really affect the way a girl feels about herself after a while. That kind of thing would feel good to blog about until the moment I hit the publish button, and then I would completely regret it. You guys really don't want to hear about me eating Mr.Noodles for the third day in a row no matter how empathetic you may be. Complaining is not what my blog is meant for. I love to share joy, humor and pretty things most of the time, with a side of ranting. Not the day to day doldrums.

Anyway, that's what's up. And I actually did take these next pictures just yesterday, so don't feel like you're getting stale ol' crappy pictures from three weeks ago or whatever. Same with the camera pictures, that did just happen a couple days ago...

And now back to my regularly scheduled post:


You know how I know it's spring? We stood outside at work yesterday for like half an hour, half the city was drunk before 4pm and coming into the tattoo shop asking me if I had any condoms (?), and
the Cherry blossom trees are blooming... 
and covered with little notes hippies tied to them. 

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