Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Thursday. So here's some things I love. That's the thing I do on Thursdays.

This week I love...

The Black Apple's Wisdom Tooth painting.

This Cracked article on the complaints we have about modern life and how they're statistically B.S.

These amazing paper animals!

These REALLY WEIRD and REALLY NSFW Japanese paintings. I can't look away!

These world landmarks reflected in bubbles

 I also love:

These papercuts by Jayme McGowan.

This awesome diagram of men's pant waistlines throughout their lifetime. Hint: age 57 is the 'high point'.

Kaelah's post on the ad campaign...the ads are amazing!

This Amazing Transforming Oven Lounge

Whisky in a can. Not that I'd drink this, but I think the idea is neat.

This Star Wars Shower Tile Mosaic.

These dolls by Mimi Kirchner:

These ridiculously beautiful photos of New Zealand.

Dr. Sketchy's reverse mermaid costume sculpture.

Pepperoni shoes. I'd rock these by the way.

Um....look over here!  I'm practically famous now by the way.

This failbook post. I don't get most of it, but I love this nerd humor.

and last but not least, Alex Stoddard's self portraits:

Holy crap he has an amazing artistic vision. My imagination would never take me that far.
Or maybe it would...hmm...

What do you love this week?

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