Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I know I already wrote about bananas today but...

...I just found the game 'bananagrams' underneath a pile of laundry I was meaning to wash for some time.It's a sign. Bananas...bananagrams...I need to play bananagrams!

It's a word game...sort of Scrabble-esque in nature. Why haven't I played it yet? WHY? Ryan and I have the day off together tomorrow. It's like the first time in a hundred years where he doesn't work tonight, tomorrow night, or have to go pick up his kids across the island half-way through the day. I'm going to maybe put in a request to play this game with him tomorrow. We'll see...there's quite a lot of rum and diet cola* going around this evening...maybe my brain not work so good tomorrow.

*Coke or Pepsi, I'll never tell! 

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