Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

This week I love...

The 'Forever Alone' meme. Every single time I see it I think it's funnier than before. It's out of control. And for you aficionados, here's the ultimate Forever Alone cartoon.

These fifty photos of basset hounds running. I'm sure you've seen these before but um...they're still great.

This very important thing for all bloggers to know. Credit your photos!  I'm really trying to do better at this, both by using my own photos as much as possible, linkbacks, being careful to never mislead the readers into thinking I created something I didn't, and putting credits in visible legible font. 


This powerful collection of photos by James Mollison, entitled "Where Children Sleep". Here are a couple that really contrast...follow the links for more.  What an interesting project!

And check out his "James and Other Apes"  portraits too, they're beautiful!


Things organized neatly. But who doesn't like that?

This video of French kids trying to figure out what older technologies were used for. (A record player, a floppy disk, that kind of thing.) It's really cute. And for more cute French kid, watch this video of a little girl telling a story. Cutest. Kid. Ever.

These photos of 100 Abandoned Houses.

Benjamin Franklin's daily schedule. I love his morning and evening questions!

Elsie (of A Beautiful Mess)'s story of how she created her first dress collection. Normally fashion stuff and business stuff are super dull to me, but she is such an inspiring person.

Here's another one that's all over the internet but is a must see; the Pirate Ship Bedroom. Seriously, to die for.

Maybe it's just because I have literally worked at 8 different grocery stores*, but I find the stories of how they came to be quite interesting. has tons of info on all things supermarket.

This story about the wallet that was found after 40 years and returned to its owner.

And last but not least....

*About the grocery stores...

It all started when I was a kid. My grandma was the owner of an IGA. My dad worked there, and that's where him and my mom met! When I grew up I was sure this would be an easy job, you know, because it runs in the family, and so my first job ever was as a cashier at an Extra Foods in the town I grew up in. 

Over the years I also worked as a cashier at Superstore, a "meal solutions" clerk at Sobeys, a deli clerk/fish counter person/cashier at three different Safeway stores, a deli clerk at two different Planet Organic locations, a deli clerk at Russel Farms Market, and a cashier (for two weeks) at the Market on Millstream. Some of these positions lasted over two years. If you think about it, basically 1/3 of my life I've been working in grocery stores.

It's one of those jobs you know you can always fall back on, because when they hire they basically just check to see if you have any experience at all...that last cashier job, after two weeks they were already on me to become a manager. I was like "I am so out of here." It's too easy to become a 'lifer' in a supermarket, and there's nothing wrong with that for those people who enjoy the weird subculture. They always turn into big incestuous families full of weird cliques after a while though and I am sincerely hoping those days are behind me for good. 

Have any of you worked in supermarkets before? What was your experience?

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