Saturday, April 2, 2011

LOOK WHAT I WON! (Alternate title: Zoe is awesome.)

In February I basically put my name in a hat to win a hand-made cross-stiched brooch from Zoe at A Giraffe in a Scarf. And I won! The fun thing about this giveaway was in the comments section of the blog that was hosting it, (My Girl Thursday) all the contestants had to write down some stuff they were interested in and then Zoe would take the winner's list and use those ideas to make their brooch.

I said:

My favorite things are my white cat and my bulldog, hearts, coffee, vintage Halloween stuff, Russian-tattoo-inspired things, and photography. 

I was secretly hoping that if I won, she'd ignore the hearts and coffee and go for either a cat, a bulldog (because how hilarious would that be?) or the Russian Tattoos thing. I'm not like, into criminal tattoos but they are SO INTERESTING and cool looking, I thought I'd mention them there and see what happened.

Well, I won! And I just found out that Zoe spent 8-9 hours stitching this thing! Amazing! The work is so detailed and pretty, and the brooch is AWESOME!

Click here to read what she found out about the Russian cat design. It's pretty bad-ass!

I took some pictures of me being a major dork with it. Uh, so here they are. 

Here's me being surprised that it's pinned to my chest...(?)

Thank you SO MUCH for putting so much hard work into this, Zoe! I love my new (and only) brooch! 

Also exciting, yesterday I bought myself a floor ticket to see SLAYER! (SOOOOO EXCITED) And I ordered my first ever pair of TOMS shoes from their website. In grey. Although the sparkly ones really wanted me to buy them. Maybe next time.

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