Monday, April 11, 2011

Music Monday, ranting and recanting?

For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter...well honestly you're not really missing much.Once in a while I'll retweet something hilarious a celebrity said, or I'll write that my bus hasn't arrived yet, or have a prolonged conversation about reading material with Erin. Riveting. Anyway, yesterday I was zooming through my bloglovin' queue of 167 blog posts I had to read, and I noticed something...

That's right, I am a skimmer. Unless you're wearing a dinosaur costume or holding a kitten I think your clothes are boring. But here's the shitty thing that I noticed. You know what else is boring? Music Monday.

At least I know when I'm wrong. Goodbye Music Monday. You were a chore anyway.


Update: I do like things, I swear. A few people were all like "So uh, do you like anything, jerk?"

I also like seeing your collections, passions, hearing how you met your significant other, funny things your kids or neighbors do, your dreams, wishes, rants about school, travel pictures and stories, your trouble with coworkers, what inspires you, your scariest moments, your saddest moments, your happiest moments, crafts, nature, grammar, dating stories, irrational fears ...

So, to recap, you are all interesting people. But...I don't like looking at clothes and song lyrics. The end.


Update part 2: I forgot that I do like to know what Kaylah at the Dainty Squid is wearing for some reason. It's probably all the colors...and cats in the pictures! :)

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