Friday, April 15, 2011

Presenting: my sister! v.3

 ***note: this post was scheduled for the 15th but for some reason insists on posting today...
so here it is, two days early! ***

This is Lyndon. You may remember her from previous posts. What am I saying, "may"? How could you forget this girl?

Anyway, she lives far far away, in a small town on the prairies of Alberta, Canada. And she takes a ton of beautiful photos of the town and its surroundings. Here's a few pictures of hers I stole off facebook. (With her permission, of course.) The chandelier was taken in Boston I believe. The rest are Alberta.

 I asked Lyndon a few interview questions, which I will be posting here and in the next few sister sister posts.

1. Hi Lyndon. yo yo yo what it is?

2. What's up? Drinking coffee and "working".

3. What camera(s) do you use to take your pictures with? I recently got a Canon Rebel XS, its a good starting out camera and it takes really nice pictures, can't wait to get something bigger and better though where I can try out more variety of lens.

4. Tell us about yourself. Where do you live? How old are you? What do you do for work? I are 23 years old, living in the biggest flyest town called Stettler, AB. Its not the most exciting place but if you go out and look for things to do there is lots! And its not so bad, no paying for parking, no commute to work, family and friends are always near by. Work at the Co-operators selling insurance by day, hobby photorapher/bowler/pool player/drinker by night. Though I have made money doing all those at one time or another ;)

5. What's your daily routine? Mostly I work 9-5 and have weekends off so that's pretty rad but can also get super repetative, one of my favorite quotes is "why is it we crave routine but loathe repitition?" very true for me.

6. When do you usually take your photos? I do take a lot of country cruises after work or on the weekends (which isn't far to go where I live) and love to sit out there and rock some tunes and watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset while taking pictures and just enjoying the scenery. One thing photography has made me is appreciative for beauty in everything! I can always see a cool picture and always find im kicking myself when I'm without my camera.

Thanks Lyndon, for answering my kind of random interview questions and sharing your photos. 
Do you guys have any questions for my sister?

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