Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

This week I love...

This list of 100 ways to live a better life. There's something for all of us to learn in this list.

This Venn diagram of coffee ingredients. Can it get any simpler than this?


Dapper Day at Disneyland. I have just found out this exists. And would love to attend. Very fancy.

Kaelah's tips for dying hair bright colors. She knows what she's talking about! Part One: bleach. Part Two: dye. Part Three: miscellaneous.

This photo series. A Mother's Journey. It is heartbreaking. Warning, especially to parents. So. Sad. But so beautiful and worth looking at.

These book-review bookmarks! I would love to fill a bunch out about books I've read and stick them in books at the bookstore.

Gala's piece on NOT being a mother. Yes. YES!!! She hit the nail on the head.  I kind of fell into a part-time step-mom-ish role, and it's great, but I certainly never EVER want to have a baby "of my own". Ever.

I love to hate this photo. Because this is basically what our back yard looks like in the summer.


These paintings by Gregory Jacobsen. They are rather disturbing, but so imaginative...and kind of reminds me of the Garbage Pail Kids. *Warning* If you go to his site and check out the paintings, be ready to see a lot of vaginas everywhere, I don't think it's SFW.

I found him via Sweet Station.

I wish I knew where to buy these 'girl heads' today! I'd pay more than $2.98 even.

I find myself nodding along with most of these "things we all do"

Librarian humor. Right? You know?

Like the sound of rain? Click here.

These "classic good girl and romance" comic book covers.

The anti-joke website. I found this via the Bloggess. Of course you already know that because you all read her, don't you? Admit it! You know what else I found via her? The following video. The funniest video I've seen in so long. (NSFW, NSFkids either)

These photos of a "time capsule mansion" in France that had been sealed for over 100 years and recently opened. There was some cool-ass stuff. I love the crazy wallpaper!

These 18 old timey photos you won't believe aren't photoshopped on The bear chair! WTF!

Have you ever seen Lodekka? It's a vintage dress shop in Portland that's located in a double decker bus! Check out some pictures on Hula Seventy, one of my favorite blogs for pretty photos. 

Uhhh...this is a children's site but it's basically madlibs. So I like it. 

I love what Tenille said in her Tattoo Tuesday interview on Sometimes Sweet (another one of my all-time favorite blogs) this week:

"For me, the reason I got my first tattoo is very different to the reason I keep going back and getting
more. These reasons are highly subjective and personal for me and your reason for getting tattooed
should be as well. Even though Miami Ink would have us think otherwise, it really doesn’t matter
WHY you get tattooed. You shouldn’t feel like you need to justify your choices to anyone but
yourself. Every tattoo doesn’t need a story to be important.

On the other hand, you should definitely think hard about what you want to put on your skin and
why. But, don’t think for too long. It’s just skin. As soon as you take the plunge, you’ll realise it’s
not really as big of a deal as you first thought. Yes, it’s going to be on you forever but no one really
knows how long that is. Saying that though, make sure whatever artwork you choose to put on your
skin is meaningful and truthful to YOU, no one else. Then go for it! "


And last but not least, this image by Viktor Koen, found via The Fox is Black.

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