Friday, May 27, 2011


Welp, since I'm from Canada, obviously I like hockey, right?

Uh sort of, actually. Surprised? Me too.

It all started in high school, when like half of the boys in my grade were in hockey. And one awesome girl. We'd go sit in the chilly bleachers in not enough clothing and cheer them on with mildly inappropriate-for-a-family-environment rhymes and drink hot chocolate. They pretended we weren't there but we had fun.

Today three of my little brothers are in hockey. It used to be the cutest thing in the world, and now that they're getting older it's fascinating to watch how they no longer trip over their own skates and know how to stop on a dime. They're actually pretty good! Still cute, too.

So I've always kind of enjoyed watching hockey games, as long as I knew the players. Until I moved in with Ryan. Ryan is a hockey fanatic. He's one of those dudes who yells at the TV (and scares the dog, haha). He dominates hockey pools and can predict what the coaches will do two periods before they do it. He's growing a playoff beard and has a specific outfit he has to wear every time the Canucks are playing. I came home to this lovely sign in our front window last week:

I mean...I am living with a major hockey fan. And since there's been a game on our TV every day or every second day for months now, I'm growing to like it. I finally learned who the Sedins are and what 'offside' means, haha.

Anyway a couple days ago the Vancouver Canucks were playing a big game, the one that determined whether or not they were going to go on to the next round, in which they could win the Stanley Cup. They were losing by one goal and there were fifteen seconds left when they scored, tying the game and forcing it into overtime.

For those who don't know, Vancouver is a pretty big city (for Canada, at least). I think around two million people live there, more or less. Check out these deserted streets. This video was filmed right downtown, from an apartment window. All is a little too quiet until around 25 seconds in. You can hear faint cheering, people going "GO!" "YEAH" from inside homes. And then at 35 seconds is when they scored that goal. I don't know about you guys but this video makes me smile. 


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