Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It walked on my pillow.

 Today I am forcing you guys to get to know Suzy from It Walked On My Pillow. Her blog has wormed its way into my heart and now that I have Suzy heart-worms, I'm hooked. She writes so well, and the post-it note drawings that accompany her posts are literally the best things in the world. On EARTH.

And guess where her blog name came from! It's an Arrested Development quote! How awesome is that?  

Let's meet her now! 

1. Tell us about you! Who are you? What is your daily routine like?

My name is Elena, but everyone calls me Suzy because when i was a baby my mom named me Elena and then decided to call me Suzy instead so even though my birth certificate, drivers license, and marriage certificate all say Elena, my dental records, yearbooks, and friends all say Suzy. 

I'm 23 and i'm a huge fan of words {belligerent is a favourite}, and of people who have mastered the art of cleverly stringing them together in song lyrics and poetry and short stories and novels.

I'm married to Barclay, who is a fantastic person. It was, for real, love at first sight, plus we had our first kiss in a tree. Fancy, I know. I like a lot of things because there are a lot of things to like. 

I always thought I was an extrovert but I guess I'm not. I have good friends and blue eyes and a heart condition. I have constellations on my arms. I don't have a daily routine, except that every day starts with a bowl of red river cereal. I yawn and hiccup all the time. I'm one of those people. 
2. Describe your blog in exactly twelve words.
It is the result of a lot of long walks by myself.

3. What is it about post-its? Why are they so great to draw on?

I guess that the best thing about them is that they are little. A big piece of paper is very daunting, but a sticky note is no sweat. Plus, things are just cuter when they're smaller. My cousin gave me a tiny little switchblade for graduation, and even though it's a switchblade, it's adorable because of how small it is. 

And when I opened it, I noticed he'd even carved the words, "I'LL MISS YOU" on the blade of it, because I was moving away. If he'd given me a big huge switchblade with "I'LL MISS YOU" carved on the blade of it, i'd have thought he was a psycho. So. A lesson in switchblades and art. 

4. What is your favorite illustration you've posted on your blog? Why?
Ummmn...maybe the staircase. Simply because it turned out like i wanted it to. 
5. Do you have an art background of any kind?
Oh heck no. i've just always been one of those people who doodle on everything. I used to draw all over my legs and arms in sharpie marker while talking on the phone or driving somewhere. Now that i'm a grown-up, I try to not draw on myself so much. but i draw on barclay sometimes. 

6. What inspires you? 
Going for a walk and looking around. I know most people look at other people in their chosen artistic field who've achieved great things and are like, "wow, that inspires me to be better at what I do." I'm more like, "crap. I wish I'd thought of that. Now I have to think of something else." 
I am a small, jealous person sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I still admire the work of artists and writers--but I prefer stuff very different from anything I try to do {so I don't have anything to compare it to}. 

7. What are some of your favorite blogs?
This is a super hard question because a) I'm a people pleaser and b) I currently read and love like a hundred blogs, and all for different reasons. I love all ye opinionated people, ye crafty people, ye funny people, ye photographers and ye artists and ye masters of the written word, tumblrists and blogspotters, wordpressers and custom domainers, ye who write once a month, ye who post three times per day. 
I like my blog world like I like my real-life friend world. Different people exercise different parts of my brain, I guess. that's probably the way it's meant to be. 
Here are my top three favorite posts from Suzy's blog:

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