Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Let's open my mail together!

I have been obsessively checking the mailbox for weeks, ever since I signed up to do a gift exchange with Roxy from South Africa. Here's her blog. And arrived!

Do you like my professional censorship job? Subtle, non?

Check out these cool stamps!

You guys don't even know...or, okay, maybe you do. Have you ever gotten a total surprise gift from another country? And you have no idea what's inside? And then you open it? It's one of the most magical feelings ever!

Inside the package...

Isn't it pretty? The little flowery thing on the top there came off, and it's a cool brooch! Now I have two brooches! It's practically a collection. This one may have already found a home on my favorite blue sweater.

And the drawing on the front? Was part of a cute little note to me.

Like that wasn't enough, there was still a heavy-ish package wrapped in newspaper to open!

That bag is awesome. I mean...check out these details! 

And the bag was full of...CANDY! Yes!

So the 'chappie' is like really sweet gum, and the mini fizzers remind me of that toffee candy you get on Halloween. Yum yum. I ate like seven last night.

This was a really great experience for me. I also sent Roxy a package, which is somewhere in transit still. Even though I sent it Air Mail, which I assumed meant "fast". I hope she gets it soon! Thanks again to Roxy, and to Angie at Lucky Pony for setting us up via her present project! This was seriously so much fun, I hope I get the opportunity to do this kind of thing again.


  1. so cool! yum chappies and fizzers are awesome! enjoy x

  2. That looks awesome!! I love snail mail sooo much...

  3. Wow that drawing is beautiful! How sweet :)

  4. The present project sounds like a great bit of fun!

  5. @angie I am now a fan too!
    @erin ME TOO!
    @Rochelle Yeah, it really is.
    @Alycia Literally! Ha!
    @Pixie It was such a fun experience.
    @Marcia Yep!


Digame entonces.

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