Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

I love Tank's little tiny front teeth. They're totally useless and totally cute. 
Especially the middle two nerd teeth!

I am also loving...

These two posts I saw on Sometimes Sweet yesterday: Ashley's {Top Five} Things I Learned From College and this vegan cheese post on Merry May.

The idea of these crazy little metal beans that are made to keep your coffee the perfect temperature. I'm not so sure about them melting though!

The "I always wondered" website. Do you ever wonder things? Then this is the site for you. 

These frickin' genius cereal bowls. And to go with them, these toast playing cards! I am in love with them. 

These mini-interviews with centenarians on their outlook on life.

This FAO Schwarz can build your own Muppet. A real. Muppet.

These literary t-shirts. I mean...come on. I NEED the Catcher in the Rye sweat shirt.

Harry Pointer's Brighton Cats. You like olde tyme photos? You like cats? You like cats doing weird things in old tyme photos? You go here. 

Kyla Roma's post on Building a Wardrobe and Demystifying  those Fashionable Girls. Useful, smart and simple! 

Bert IRL. Terrifying.

This illustration on why you shouldn't use pencils for anti-drug campaigns. 

My friend Daniel Garrison's music! Dan was one of my very best friends in Junior High, until I started hanging out with a real crowd of losers (with a few notable exceptions, of course!) and he moved on to hang with the drama and music kids mostly. He played Danny Zukko in our high school production of Grease, and I watched people do heroin. Awesome. 

I regret letting our friendship slide away. We actually ran into each other recently, because we only live a ferry ride away from each other and it was bound to happen. And we had one of those terrible conversations like "So...haven't seen you in ten years...what's new?" Totally awkward. Dan, if you read this, sorry about that! :)

His songs are half parody punk (like "suck me off in the morning" and a Paula Abdul cover) and half Iron-Maiden if you can imagine, hahaha.Check them out here!


I am obsessed with this blog and this photographer and have been for years now! I can't believe I've never done a TILT post on it. Basically this guy goes to abandoned historical structures like asylums, hotels, hospitals and jails, (mostly in Brooklyn) and takes the coolest photos I have ever seen. Every new post is a treasure. Especially the ones with the stories behind the buildings, like this series on North Brother Island. I say you should all dedicate an entire afternoon to checking out this blog. It's so amazing! 

Here are a few random photos so you can see what I mean...I can't even choose favorites. I love them all! 

 The best, right? 
I am also loving...

This cartoon poking fun of bloggers. Oh, and they forgot internet trolls, but don't worry, they're covered here.

This. Would you call it graffiti? A public service announcement? A mean prank? Or just plain old funny?

I love this response to a disgusting ad campaign by Not That Kind of Girl. 

This face-paint job. I kind of want to do this for Halloween!

This list of forty literary terms every bookworm should know. I only knew what sixteen of them meant. Bad Nova! 

Anger Burger's User's Guide to Salad Dressing. I usually don't like food blogs, but Anger Burger is great.

Cary Tennis is my new hero, thanks to what he wrote in response to the letter "I know the answers but can't respond fast enough." The person who wrote him could very well have been me, except I'm not in law school. I have the exact same problem. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE his answer. I'm going to incorporate this into my very psyche. 

"A question can be a lie. It looks like it is asking for knowledge but its purpose is to place you in a position of relative weakness. Really. People and their questions. Half the time, they're trying to trip you up or gain an advantage. So assert your dignity. You don't have to answer every question."

The "Dirty Dozen Cheat Sheet", telling you which produce items you should always buy organic, and which are normally 'low pesticide'.

"Look at me, I'm crying.", an article by Melissa Febos on crying in public in New York City.

This interesting list of Golf-Club rules from 1940s Britain. My favorites are number two and number seven. Seriously? Who plays golf when bombs are falling? BAMFs, that's who.

 And last but not least...

Liu Bolin's Invisible Man...he paints himself up like his environment. Ultimate camouflage. 
Try and find him! 

There's more here
Two final things:

Thing one: You may have noticed my Things I Love Thursday posts are getting longer and longer. I hope you don't mind, I have quite a back-up of bookmarked links I'm trying to share before they're obsolete...the internet is a fickle place and things are deleted faster than I can post them sometimes. 

Thing two: ALSO, if you have your own Things I Love Thursday Post, now you can link it here! 

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