Monday, May 2, 2011

Yesterday I saw...

I was an entire hour early for work yesterday (Sunday) due to ... me thinking it was Saturday. DUH. So I ran out the door, caught the early early bus and hurried almost all the way to work and then realized I was early, so I sat out on a patio sipping my usual americano...when I heard a marching band! What the...? Suddenly the entire street filled up with naval cadets. There was all kinds of higher-ups yelling, and men and women stepping at the same know, navy stuff. It was neat.

I, of course, took pictures of them. (Me ... and fifty tourists.)

Neat huh? I thought it was cool that the little person* could join cadets. I was talking to a sailor I know about it, like a real sailing-on-the-sea-with-the-navy and I-know-him-from-the-tattoo-shop kind of sailor, and he said he thought that little people probably could work on ships as long as they didn't have severe health problems. It's funny, the stuff you never think about until it shows up in your life.

These last two photos make me laugh. Kids are dorks.

*I am really hoping "little people" is still the PC term. I haven't kept abreast** of the situation.

**heh heh I said "a breast"

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