Sunday, May 1, 2011

Presenting: my sister! v.5

Hey kids, smoking isn't cool. Unless you're in Cuba.Or my sister.

My sister, Lyndon, she takes photos for fun. And they are fantastic. She let me take a bunch of her pictures and throw 'em on my blog. I think she deserves as much exposure as she can get, because although she only takes photos for fun...I think the world needs to see them! :)

Here are some that made me a little homesick for the gigantic Alberta sky. Those of you who have never lived on the prairie won't get it, but the big sky is more beautiful than all the mountains and waterfalls on earth to me.

I asked Lyndon a bunch of interview questions, here's the last few, along with some of her photos.

13. Your self-portraits are really great. How do you do it? Ha! I kind of just model for myself when I'm uninspired to take pictures of other things. That's my embarrassing thing I do but sometimes they turn out so nice I need to share them! lol

14. Any tips on photographing kids? Honestly the way I like to do it is kind of just say, go play! And I snap away. Also my little brothers and sister are just too frickin cute and they always are willing to model for me and be silly or serious, I can just boss them around, haha. But I enjoy photos of kids doing kid things, not posing. I think that's why I find it hard to do portraits of people, I like them really laughing rather than fake smiling you know?
15. What are some of your favorite websites? I love your blog and want to start following blogs more and making my own possibly, otherwise I use facebook and twitter a lot, National Geographic always amazes me, one day I would love to work for them!!!! Otherwise I'm not really a web surfer.

16. Do you have any favorite tv shows or movies? So many, shows would include how I met your mother, my name is earl, cops (dont know why but I fuckin love cop shows lol), lame shows I like are Big Brother and American Idol but everyone does, also I will forever be a Friends and Simpsons fan, those are the only shows I can watch rerun after rerun of and still like every show! And some movies I love, the skeleton key (seriously watch it, great movie), lucky number slevin, fear and loathing, house of 1000 corpses (scared me sooo bad at the time but still a wicked movie), Will Ferrel is one of the funniest guys ever so most of his movies (Talledega Nights is a fave by him), Black Sheep, there's sooo many but those are a few.

17. What music are you loving these days?
17. I have such a big love for NIN, their lyrics always relate to me in some way. Also discovering some older music I never really liked before, like fleetwood mac, bob dylan, always have loved bob marley but liking some of his less popular songs. (always start listening to him around summer time, just makes everything feel tropical but you're in your own backyard! haha)

18. Any tips on photographing pets? One thing I started using was a zoom lens, then I let them play and they can be far away but you can still catch really good pictures of them. Mostly helpful because they usually move a lot.

19. Are you brave enough to take pictures of strangers in the street? I'm not. HA sometimes I am like if I'm in a city and it's people I won't ever see again, but usually not, I feel super creepy when it's buildings too, like example, there was a super nice house decorated with all these fancy christmas lights so I got out my tripod and attempted to get a clear picture and someone looks right at me in the window, I felt sooo creepy and just drove away. Probably would have been better to just let them come out and explain I liked their christmas lights rather than drive away but oh well hahah! Photography has had me in a couple strange situations haha.

20. What's your favorite scary movie? It's really hard to find a good scary movie, one of the newer ones out that I actually liked was the Crazies. 

21. Since you're my sister, the world wants to know, do you have any tattoos? Any plans for more? ;)I have ONE whole tattoo on my foot! I want more soooo bad but I am very particular and want to be smart about it, I won't pick something out of a book and get a tattoo in Stettler HAHA. Any tattoo I get will most likely be in Victoria just cause TZ is rad, my sister works there and they do some of the best work I have seen in my short life! But I love tattoos, I think they are so interesting give people so much character.
Thank you so much Lyndon! You're awesome!

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