Monday, June 6, 2011

Fisheye, downtown Victoria. And chest tattoo, round three!

1. The "whale wall", a giant mural of orcas. 2. "The Blue Bridge" It's one of those bridges that lifts up when boats need to go underneath. 3. An abandoned coffee in Chinatown.  4. A cool tree in Chinatown. 5. Some lame graffiti on Wharf Street. 6. A Volvo Dealership, natch.

At the moment I'm healing up round three of the chest tattoo extravaganza. There's nothing quite like walking into work and being asked "Hey do you want to work on your tattoo right now?". I had like twenty minutes to get myself ready while he set up. (i.e. Find as many pain-killers as possible.) Luckily I have the most laid-back boss on earth who didn't mind that I took a three hour break! 

Colin tattooed me until around two and then got back to work. And for the rest of the day I felt SO disgusting. I had a big bandage on my chest, and it was pretty darn hot in the shop. By the time I got home at 7:30 at night, after taking the bus and walking home in the hot sun, I would have killed someone if they got between me and the shower. 

Now, a few days later, now that it's not sticking to my t-shirts anymore, it's looking cool as hell. One more session to go, maybe two hours-ish! I can do that! No pictures for you guys yet though, it's in the ugliest phase of healing at the moment. But trust me, it's killer! 

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