Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today I am...

  • Sick of cleaning the litter box. I mean seriously, how often can a cat poop?
  • Opposite of bored. I'm having way too much fun on the internet. I mean...hello pizza infographic!
  • Excited for dinner tonight. We're having some kind of delicious thing that involves Tofurky franks. Yum.
  • Procrastinating on writing this guest post, and drawing some crappy portraits as a "guest artist" LOL.
  • Wishing I hadn't left my grandma's camera at work. I wanted to play with it today at the thrift store.
  • Loving writing TILT posts. It's so fun to find cool stuff and share it with everybody.
  • Thankful that I have a nice little family and a nice little house and everything I need. 
  • Thinking about writing, you know, that novel I'm working on.
  • Needing to think more positively about myself. I've been giving myself a rough time lately.
  • Hoping I have enough money to buy myself a little treat. *cough* threadless.com *cough*
  • Super happy I have an office all to myself. Even if it is a bit Peggy Hill. (i.e. In a closet.)
("Today I Am" template "borrowed" from After Nine To Five)

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