Wednesday, June 1, 2011

work shenanigans

Bryan, Cody and Kyle got the "shop tattoo" the other day. It's just a little Sailor Jerry flash piece, a dollar bill with wings (Flying toward the shop, right Gerry? haha), but we all have it now. Matchy matchy. Aren't we cute? Here's Cody doing Bryan's.

 Mine is in my armpit...when I got it, a few years ago, I didn't want to potentially mess up any spots that I could use for large tattoos later on. It was my first "spur of the moment" tattoo. Now I don't really give a shit, haha, I'll get a tattoo at the drop of a hat. Here's a very awkward picture of it that I just ran into the bathroom (for the pretty background color) and took for this post. How on earth can a person take a good picture of their own armpit? I'll never know.

LOL about the stubble. Hey, you know what? Everybody has pit hair. Get over it.

By the way, getting tattooed in your armpit feels so disgusting. You know when someone tickles you too hard and you kind of want to throw up? Now imagine that with needles. Gerry also said it was horrible for him too. Because I was sweating, so he'd do a line, wipe, and pssshh all this sweat would come out. So. Nasty. So if you ever get a tattoo in your armpit, remember to tip very well afterward. They deserve it.

Also on my camera were these gems...

Kyle recently got a bad-ass memorial tattoo of a HAM radio for his grandfather from Chris David, who I am dying to be tattooed by, by the way. (Some day, ohhh some day.) I had to get some pictures of this, he was showing us the tattoo and Cody made himself way to comfortable to look at it. I don't just looked hilarious. And for some reason Bryan is shocked?

You are not allowed to be shy when you work in a tattoo shop. Them's the rules.

And all that? Was the new counter-girl's first day. Welcome to the awesomest job ever, haha.

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