Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

 I definitely loved the hell out of this granola until I ate it all. 
It was made by vegan queen-bee, Sarah Kramer ( and given to me because...hmm, I don't know why! It was kind of random. Anyway, who cares? It was SO GOOD.

This week I'm also loving...

This vulture! Look at that neck! And that face! Why's he so mad?

The "Art Is Hard" t-shirt. :)

The internet-wide TILT-ubiquitous Courney Love interview.

Misnopaelsart's photostream on flickr. Uhhhhh I must have these prints. All of them.

Vintage Japanese Monster Anatomy from Pink Tentacle, that I found on Public School

This owl backpack. I wish I could get away with carrying something like this. Or that I had a daughter/niece to give it to. 

Lauren's recipe for RAW walnut tacos. Yes, seriously. It looks so good! 

This very important thing to remember this summer if you're going to be near swimming pools, lakes or oceans. Drowning doesn't look like drowning.

This questionaire for ladies in the seventies to determine whether or not they are ready for marriage. Oh. My.

Sponsoring these amazing blogs this month: My Girl Thursday, Windshield Diaries and Desirous of Everything.

Talking about all the dead bodies that are abandoned on Everest. It's unbelievable! (Caution: Not for the very sensitive! Pictures of dead bodies and frostbite!) 

"An area along the northeast route to the summit has earned the unassuming nickname of "Rainbow Valley", simply because of the multicolored down jackets of the numerous corpses littering the hillside."

This montage of all the "dramatic" memes. 

"Getting a J-O-B Without a B.A." by Darcie Dafoe on Yes and Yes. 
These custom robot-esque sculptures by Heavy Metal Milkman made from found objects...

Here's the etsy page if you want to see the full pictures of these wonderful creations!

This paper, written by The Alt Librarian on 'Gender and Its Implications Within Modern American Tattoo Culture'. Mainly because the week I found it (via Kyla Roma) I had been harassed in the streets no less than four times. 

I love Lucky Lucille's feature "Science Is Awesome". This week she wrote about bioluminescence. Rad. 

Superbarbs photography challenge. I love these kind of things. In fact, I tried to set one up via facebook once where I had a list in the album description and then all the photos in the album, but only one of my friends even tried to do it with me, and then neither of us even finished the challenge. Whatever.

Supposedly, some guy made his  81 year old dad a Twitter account and told him it's the Google search thingy. So the tweets are supposed to be what an 81 year old man is searching. Click here, and pretend with all your might it's real, and don't ask yourself why he'd continue using it if no search results ever came up. Pretty funny.

Mother Effin' GUN CAMERA on the word "photoshoot" a whole new feel.

The Burning House website, where they post people's photographs of what they'd try to rescue if their house was on fire. Although I think most of it is complete bullshit and hipster crap. Honestly I'd grab boyfriend, kids, dog, cat and maybe my passport, purse, grandma's camera and laptop if I had time. Not my pretty trenchcoat and a jar full of plastic mice. I'm not that sentimental I guess.

This helpful list, "The Secret Language of Flowers". 

Laughing at Juggalos. And The Gathering of the Juggalos website. There's also an infomercial.  It's like watching a worse version of Jersey Shore. Have you seen the episode of Workaholics where they become Juggalos? Have you seen the show Workaholics at all? It's hi-frickin'larious. DARK CARNIVAL, haha.

This 'Silly Symphony' cartoon from 1929: Skeleton Dance.


And last but not least...


What are you loving this week?

Please add a link to your link love posts here. (i.e. TILTs, much love Mondays, link love, whatever.) 
I promise I'll personally stop by and leave you a super fancy comment.

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