Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I am dying of happy right now.

Welp, recently the free computer I got from my boss has been failing me. Not only is the cord that goes from the wall to the computer totally frayed and seconds from electrocuting me every single day, but now the internet just randomly shuts off, it needs a new battery, it takes like an hour to turn on after I push the button and ... yeah. Other things I forget right now, but like, annoying things like not having enough memory all the time and going all slow and the internet just randomly closing while I'm in the middle of stuff .(oops, said that twice, it must really bother me) Anyway, so ... I just applied for a like thousand year payment plan with Dell. For a new computer. A brand-stinkin'-new computer. ALL FOR ME!

It's justified because I NEED IT now. You know, for all my career goals I never talk about on here. But they exist you guys, and I have them, and they needed a new computer. They asked for one for their birthday.

I went for one of these...I'm sure it's more than I'll ever need. And no, I can't afford it. Or ... maybe I can?  But either way I'm on the hook now and I'mmma have it in like two weeks! YES!


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