Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Retracting my previous statement.

The other day when I mentioned that some pretty roses just basically magically appeared in our front yard after I said something about liking two-tone roses...well that was only my side of the story. Ryan was all bummed that I made it sound like he just ran out to the full-grown-roses store or something. The truth is, he's been working on our front little garden for weeks.

And to my unobservant brown-thumbed self, it was like magic. All of a sudden, one day pretty roses were everywhere. Because I don't really even know what's involved in making a rose survive.

I'd like to apologise to you, mister Ryan, for not recognizing all the hard work you put into the yard.

Just so you all know how crazy beautiful these flowers are, I didn't do anything to the pictures. No cropping, no color saturation tricks, nothing. They look surreal when you're walking up to our house, like somebody colored on them with hi-lighters or something.

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