Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Um, yeah. I love my Reno cat t-shirt. So what?

I'm also loving...

7000 Tons of Metal. Because you know what it is? A cruise ship full of metal fans and metal shows. I can't even believe I hadn't heard of this before my friend Gilly told me about it last week.

This monsters tattoo flash idea. Hilarious. I'd totally get the JAWS tattoo. That might just be because I really want a shark tattoo of some kind. 

This infographic cheat sheet on manual photography.


The history of feed sacks. (Yeah, seriously.)

Amazing dramatic photos like this one. Although in times like these you have to really wonder about the photographer. Is the shot THAT important? I suppose to some people it is. This topic reminds me of Kevin Carter, the photographer who took a photo of a starving child in Sudan and later killed himself. The photo is one of the most powerful pictures I have ever seen, but also the most terrible. Click here to see it. Or don't. 

These cool pictures of coffee

On A Mountaintop! You can type whatever you want and it'll be out there for anybody to see ... but only until two other people 'shout' things after you. It's great if you just need to get something off your chest.

Drunk History. Caitlin reminded me of these HILARIOUS videos on her last TILT post. Basically, people get super drunk and then try to recount historical events. And then famous people like Jack Black, Will Farrell, Danny McBride and Michael Cera act out what they say.

Some of them have embedding disabled, but click here for more.

What Lucky People Get Right by Sarah Wilson.

Holy Cool dot net. A billion cool things.

These wall decals. I wish I could put a million of these in my house. 

When The What? Timelines. 

The Little Things Tumblog makes me happy.

This really cool film: One Day on Earth. It's footage from every country on earth, all taken on the same day. They're trying to raise enough money to make this into a feature-length film. Click here to donate! Make it happen please, I'd like to watch it.

I also love...

Erin's pictures of her drive through the Rocky Mountains. I have some great memories of driving this exact route. Just beautiful.  

Subversive cross stitch. I would love to have a cross stitched swear word or something hanging in my office.

 The Big Picture on the Boston Globe's website. Most recently I've checked out photos of the world's most dangerous countries for women and the 2011 running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.  


This video on these ... interesting ... boots in Mexico. 


Mini Rag Dolls. Don't ask me why, but they're awesome.


This "map", showing where knowledge is and what lies beyond.

This list of 50 things to do this summer. It's like half over, you know. 

Throat singing! How cool is this? I actually like this song a lot. 

This photograph, because it's nearly impossible for me to beleive it's real.

Drench. It's such a simple game, but SO addictive.
And last but not least...

These ventriliquist dummy portraits I found via Public School:

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