Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some random pictures...and other things.

1. Remember those roses from this post? Well this is them yesterday. Sooooo dead. 2. Cool leaf at the bus stop. 3. Spider on my deck.

1. Tank being a total goofball. 2. It's buskerfest downtown. 3. A boat that I heard belongs to Bill Gates. I also heard that somebody I know snuck onto it in the night time. 4. View from my office chair.

1. Tank and my rum and coke. 2. Skateboard junk. 3. Leaf on our front porch.

And now for the stuff:

1. I just kinda wanted to brag to you all that I applied and was accepted into the Editors' Association of Canada yesterday! It's official, ladies and germs, I am fancy. Check out my tab "What I Will Do For Money" to learn more about all that stuff. So yeah, if you're ever stuck on editing stuff, please give me shout!

2. I have some kind of food allergy that I can't quite figure out. And the symptoms range from sniffy nose to pretty bad stomach cramps to getting all itchy. But it seems to happen when I eat really different things. At first I was blaming onions's not always onions. SO FRUSTRATING!! How does a person figure these things out? Any experience on food allergies out there you guys? Please help!

3. The Vice TV's network publicist sent me a press release kit and an exclusive preview to the next installment of the Tattoo Age show, the one about Dan Santoro. And I watched it. And (obviously) it was as good as the other two. (It's live now, click here to watch it. Also: PART ONE and PART TWO) I just thought I should let you know that I am "press" now. (?)  I can't wait 'til the Grime episode!

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