Monday, August 15, 2011

A book I did not enjoy, and some mail that I did!

I thought this book was something else when I started reading it. But then it wasn't and I didn't really enjoy the direction it took. Also? It's a kids' book, which I wasn't expecting. So I wrote "free book" in the cover and left it on the bus. I hope somebody finds and enjoys it, and it doesn't just end up in lost and found forever.


And now for something positive. Erin "Disaster" and I did a rad trade. I sent her this, and she sent me this:

(It's a 35mm back for my Diana F+ camera, and some expired 120 film too!)

I already threw the 35mm back on the camera and have been toting it around with me ever since. I'm so stoked that I'll be able to use the Diana more. Processing 120 film around here is ridiculously expensive, especially because I'm still learning about the medium format camera world. One good photo ends up costing me like twenty bucks.

I also got this in the mail, which I forgot I won in a blog giveaway like a month ago!

I win!

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