Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lomo Action Sampler Camera - Rob Zombie Pics

When I went to the Slayer/Rob Zombie show I thought "what the hell, I'm gonna do an experiment" and brought my Lomo Action Sampler camera along. It's the toy-est of the toy cameras. I mean...look at this thing:

I figured...well, might as well try it. And it's small enough and durable enough to take into the mosh pits and through a sweaty nasty crowd.

Every once in a while I'd just put my hand up in the air and kind of...shoot toward the stage, because that was the best I could do, it's not like I could line up a perfect shot with perfect lighting. I really hoped with all my might that these would kind of turn out cool, and not just all black like the time I used that camera at night at the carnival. I thought the lighting was good enough. Nope. worked awesomely! Guys, next time you go to a concert, bring a toy camera with no flash. You don't have to worry about people trying to steal it because they won't even know what the hell it is. And the results you get are hilarious! I think you can really get a feel for what it felt like to be short little me in the crowd.

Okay, without further adieu...Rob Zombie's light show. I mean, concert. I know it's very small, but look at the screens and props too if you can. Pretty neat what this camera captured.

And I like this one the best:

I'll post the Slayer ones later. They're funny, sooo many pentagrams. hahaha

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