Monday, August 29, 2011

Lomo Action Sampler photos of a Slayer concert. Warning to the easily offended: so many pentagrams

In case you missed the Rob Zombie explanation, basically I brought this silly little camera to a Rob Zombie/Slayer concert a few weeks ago and took some pictures, having no clue how they would turn out.

They're grainy and blurry and totally awesome. I love the way they captured the lights and effects and would totally recommend, if you're not a perfectionist, to bring some kind of toy camera with no flash to a concert some time and try it out.

So yeah, without further adieu, I present ... what a Slayer concert looks like to a 5'3 girl in the mosh pit.When I opened this envelope, the first picture was this first pentagram picture and I just burst out laughing. I wonder what the photo place thought of this! hahaha

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