Sunday, September 11, 2011

If you are arachnophobic you may want to skip this one. Sorry.

Aren't we cute? This picture makes Tank look like he's 800 times larger than he actually is. You can really see the ultimate redness of my hair in the sunlight in that reflection though. Man it's pretty! My friend Sarah took this picture of me at beerfest the other day, and between my red hair and my pink shirt I totally blew up her camera.

Anyway, enough about me, this is the real reason I'm posting today... it's SPIDER SEASON.

 These mother fuckers are EVERYWHERE right now, building webs all over the damn place. This is the worst thing about having a yard with lots of trees and stuff...uuugh. And soon, when the rains come, as they always do, these guys will try and move indoors. Which is a big fat HELL NO. I usually find a spider carcass or two in the strangest places, like my t-shirt drawer and stuff. Ugh.

This industrious spider had somehow built a web all the way from the trees on one side of our driveway across to our house. I always wonder how they get that shit started. Do they start on one side and then walk over? Do they jump somehow? Swing? Anyway I basically almost got caught in this guy's web as I was walking into the house. And, of course, the spider was right at face level. Ew.

 Rather than freaking out, I was like "I shall photograph the hell out of this spider." It was eating something during some of these pictures which was pretty neat.

 Doesn't its web look so nice until the middle, where it obviously started doing acid?

These last two are the scariest ones, I think.

And that, my friends, is one of the biggest downsides to living on Vancouver Island. Now you know.

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