Wednesday, October 26, 2011

diptych: copper hair and where my mind takes me when I freewrite

This is going to sound very strange perhaps, but I make plans for ridiculous future disasters. I also plan earthquake hiding spots and tsunami escape routes, like practical stuff, but when I get to thinking about all the 'what if's it gets out of control.

Most recently I was imagining a Hitler-esque dictator invades Canada (because I don't think we could muster one up on our own) and starts killing people he doesn't like the looks of.

Well anyway I figured out a quick and very painful but efficient way to remove all my tattoos. Just in case. It would take befriending a doctor or basically anybody with a scalpel and a sanitary workspace. It would take a few weeks probably, because I'd be a big baby about it, but anyway I think it would work. Then I could go about my days working in the diamond mines or the oil patch or whatever this dictator wants us to do.

I think I might turn this into a short story.


Yesterday I found out that UBC (the big ol' university in Vancouver) has a distance master's degree program for creative writing. And why wouldn't I get into more debt? Hmmmmm something to think about.

The courses are like "super funtime writing stories all day long at home in your jammies" and "write a novel, it'll be totally awesome and then you'll have a master's degree" So anyway it's something I got so excited about. It's fun to dream about things like that sometimes. I'm sure in the thick of it I would be SO STRESSED OUT and hate it.

To apply you have to submit a portfolio...and one of the accepted entries in said portfolio is a blog! Isn't that neat? I wouldn't tell them about this monstrosity of course, I just like that it's accepted academically as a medium.

*did you like my amazing segue there?

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