Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

I love having a finished tattoo after walking around in various degrees of outline and color for almost a year! I'm also loving...

These faked ghost photos from way before there was photoshop. Some are really darn spooky!

This stress free manifesto.  (found via Just a Titch)

Just keep going

That the stars aligned and I was able to take this picture a couple days before Halloween. 

Danielle's tips for new bloggers. She knows what she's talking about! 

What's the first song you remember ever hearing?


These retratos pintados that I found over at Lucky Pony. These painted portraits were popular in Brazil from the late 19th century to around 1990, because they were thought to improve appearances. (i.e. make you look rich, beautiful, etc.)


I also love...

That I got to do a guest post over at Mary Rebecca about the origins of my smurf costume.

Hey writer, it's time to write.  Some math on how much time it should take you to write that novel.

Kristine's outtake and silly photos from her time in India so far. I especially like the one captioned "bam" hahaha. She's awesome.

This picture of my friend Savvy. 

27 really good travel tips. I love to get up super early in the morning and see what's happening.

The super rad Halloween tat party that's going to happen over at Conspiracy Inc. Holy moly. I would get the wicked witch of the west (Elphaba!), the ghost, AND the  evilest looking goat they have. :) Too bad it's a bazillion miles away from here.


Treatise on bread. I feel pretty much the same way, except he forgot my all-time fave: RYE BREAD

The best pumpkin carving I have ever seen.

Gala's golden moment

These lomo fisheye photos of Italy taken by Jenni. 

This may be the most inspiring travel blog I have ever read. Kristin is a real hard worker and she has been pretty much everywhere! Do yourself a favor and read her archives some time...what a life! Every time she posts I'm like "WHAT COUNTRY IS SHE IN NOW??" She also takes really great photos.

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