Sunday, October 23, 2011

glass in my finger

This is the result of planking everybody. Planking is dangerous. 

This is what I heard from the other room:

Kid 1: I was watching this video on YouTube of this guy planking...
Kid 2: What's that?
Kid 1: It's this thing people do where they lay on things all flat and then take pictures.


Not hearing any crying, I sauntered into the bedroom and casually asked "What just happened?"

Well, of the kids who shall not be named tried planking for the first time...on an open dresser drawer. The entire thing tipped over, spilling stuff everywhere, including a full glass jar of pennies which shattered into unbelievably tiny shards all over the carpet. And then conveniently it was time for all the kids to go swimming and leave the glass all over the floor. So now you know how I spent my evening! Hooray!

Here's the glass in my finger with a cooler background. You know you're in the 2000s when you don't pull a glass shard out of your finger before taking multiple photos to show your friends on the internet.

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