Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quake of the Cans 2 - yes, it's graffiti day

As promised, more photos of the Quake of the Cans paint-in. Here are some individual pieces. I am ashamed to admit that no, I cannot read more than five of these, and that's only because I know who did them and can recognize their style. I am not street. At all. 

Oh yeah, this reminds me of something. You know how people have weird half-jokey half-judgemental stock phrases they say to you about your tattoos? Like these:
1. I heard they are addictive. 
2. What will you do when you're 80?
3. Did it hurt?
4. I fell asleep when I got mine.
5. I want one but I just can't decide on something I will like forever.
6. You'll never get a real job.
7. You should get my face on your butt. 
8. My husband would kill me.

Well to graffiti guys, people ALWAYS ALWAYS say this: 

"I like the big pieces but I just don't get tagging," or "Some graffiti is nice, but not those tags, you can't even read them." Or some variation on that same theme. I am talking every. single. time. I'm not here to defend property defacement or whatever, but come on guys, say something original. And if you don't understand what it is, don't make fun of it.

Up next....detail shots!

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